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Title: Even Heroes Have the Right to Bleed
Author: Geekgrrllurking
Disclaimer: Supergirl is an American superhero fiction action-adventure drama television series developed by Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, that aired on CBS and going forward will air on The CW. It is based on the DC Comics character
Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino. No profit or infringement is intended with this fanfiction.
Fandom: Supergirl (2015)
Pairing: Kara Danvers/Alex Danvers, Kalex
Rating: Mature
Previous Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Chapter 5

“Well, look what the wind blew in,” Susan Vasquez grinned, spinning her chair around from her computer board display, pleased to see her friend drop into the DEO command center.

“Still cleaning up your messes, Susan. Can’t leave you and Lucy alone for a minute.” Kara teased back. She didn’t miss the dank underground facility but she did miss the people stationed here. With J’onn assigned to the new DEO offices in National City he had been able to hand pick his leadership team, taking Alex with him. Lucy was in command here now, and was flourishing with the challenges of maintaining a military base as well as a high security alien prison. The facility had an excellent reputation, the escapee that ended up dead in town not withstanding and Kara knew that Lucy and her team would get to the bottom of that as quickly as possible. However, throwing Mon-El into a holding cell was not likely the way to go about that.

“Vasquez, update.” Lucy strode into the command room, shrugging out of her leather jacket and handing it to a passing assistant. She glanced up at the wall of monitors, quickly trying to assess where various teams were and what was in progress.

“Station is secure, Ma’am. All floors report operational, with no incidents. Construction crews are reinforcing the cells that were compromised in the explosion and the suspected escape route is being investigated with a fine tooth comb by the engineering team. There is a preliminary report on your desk.” Vasquez nodded and turned back to her console, awaiting further orders while continuing to monitor a variety of ongoing operations.

“Excellent.” Lucy smiled and then turned to greet Supergirl. “I wondered if you would drop in. Our suspect kept saying it was all a huge mistake and to call you. He had very colourful things to say about Alex as well, but then who doesn’t?” Lucy grinned wider at Kara’s long suffering expression.

“Detective Sawyer indicated that Mon-El might have seen something, but I don’t believe he is involved in any of it.” Kara said quietly as another agent arrived at Lucy’s side, with several documents at the ready for her signature.

“I see,” Lucy quickly scanned the paperwork and began to make short work of signing where needed. “Well, we will question him and see exactly what he does know about the situation.” Kara frowned, that was not the answer she had really wanted.

“Ma’ams,” Vasquez interrupted their conversation from her desk. “The Daxamite has arrived, we have interrogation room three ready. I have a fresh security team already at the door.”

“Lucy, really? Mon-El did not kill your prisoner.” Kara tried again, not sure how else to get them to listen to her. She looked around trying to think of her next steps. Vasquez caught her eye, and then shifted her gaze up to the wall of monitors. Kara followed her look and glanced up as well, realizing these were likely the real culprits. “Who are those guys up there? Suspects?” She pointed up to the monitor array, with three rather nefarious looking aliens plastered across the screens.

“Mmm,” Lucy murmured vaguely and just pursed her lips as she flipped to another form, scanning it before signing it in silence. Kara dragged her fingers through her long hair in frustration.

“Kara! I am so glad to see you.” Mon-El called from down the hallway to their right, as he was unceremoniously dragged through to the interrogation room. “Tell them I had nothing to do with the death of that incredibly horrible smelling fellow that was killed. To be honest, someone did us all a favour. Not that these soldiers are much better.” Mon-El waved his cuffed hands in front of his face to clear the stench from his sensitive nose. He didn't know how Kara could stand it here sometimes.

“Mon-El, just tell them what you know,” Kara shifted and tugged at her fingers, wishing she could help more. “You can trust them, they are DEO as well, and are just trying to get to the bottom of this.”

“Take him to three, I’ll be there shortly,” Director Lane crossed her arms and glared at the suspect. She appreciated Kara’s words, but she still had a job to do. Kara sighed and nodded, hearing and understanding the note of finality in Lucy’s voice. The security team escorted Mon-El towards the interrogation room. He glanced over at Kara sadly, before noticing the wall of monitors and freezing, excited that he recognized one of them.

“Wait, that’s him! That was the other guy who drove off!” Mon-El jerked loose from the guard on his right and pointed up at the thin green grey alien displayed on the middle screen. He looked over at Kara and nodded, a wide smile breaking out across his face.

“Vincent Olango, from the planet Garva.” Vasquez quickly pulled up the details on the suspect, eyes narrowing as a long list of offenses began to scroll across the screen. “Vinnie is a local runner and small time thug. Gambling, sharking, shaking down other refugees like himself to keep them hidden from authorities. The Science Police have had several run ins with him over the last year or so.”

“Well, Kara, it looks like you are quite correct about your friend here.” Lucy crossed her arms and smiled. She even had an idea where to find him. “A shake down on a new alien in town gone bad doesn't sound like a job for the DEO. I think this part of the investigation has fallen back into police jurisdiction.” Lucy looked over at Mon-El and Kara and smiled.

“Can I get you a coffee while we take your statement, Mon-El?”


An hour and a half later they wandered out of the DEO complex into the cool evening air, stars sparkling overhead. A DEO agent was coming to take Mon-El back to his place. Kara felt bad about the whole thing and was quite happy to wait with him as it gave them an opportunity to talk.

“I’m sorry about all this. Alex gets a bit intense sometimes…” Kara hesitated, searching for the right words, knowing that it was probably too little too late.

“Hey, don’t apologize. I figured Alex would be angry with me. Besides, you are totally worth it.” Mon-El ducked his head, his thick fingers scratching through his short hair self-consciously before he looked up at her again. “Thanks for sticking around until they let me out of there. I was worried that I might disappear.”

“I wouldn’t let that happen.” Kara reached out and squeezed his arm. “Neither would Alex, despite what she might say.” Kara was sure of Alex’s intentions, even though Mon-El didn’t seem as believing.

“You could make it up by going out to dinner with me?” Mon-El asked, his smile soft and eyes hopeful. “Maybe this Friday night?”

Kara glanced at him and couldn’t figure out a way to get out of it. Especially after everything today. She really just wanted to crawl under a blanket on her couch with a pizza and start a marathon Netflix binge watch of The Crown. She had promised to wait and watch it with Alex, but she had said she was going out with friends, so there was no real reason to say no. Maybe if it was a horrible date he would take the hint. At the very least it might stop the constant texting she had endured all day.

“Uhm…all right.” Kara sighed softly and flicked her hair out of her eyes. “Nothing too fancy though, okay? I just want something relaxing and low key.” They both turned as the DEO vehicle pulled up in front of them.

Mon-El grinned and nodded before hopping into the car. He could do low key. Once he asked Winn what that meant, he was sure he would be able to do it.

Kara sighed and launched herself into the sky, already regretting saying yes.


There was a lone light on as Kara slipped into her apartment through the open window, landing softly on the wide planked hardwood floor. It was also blissfully silent; except for a very familiar heartbeat that Kara would recognize anywhere.

“Alex?” Kara said gently, smiling as a dark tousled head popped up from the couch, followed by a sleepy yawn as the other woman turned to face her. The silence between them stretched out awkwardly, their gazes meeting and holding as each waited for the other to speak.

“I brought a peace offering.” Alex finally said, reaching to flip open the lid of a pizza box on the coffee table, the scent wafting through the living room. Kara closed her eyes and shook her head slightly as her tummy rumbled loudly. Alex grinned, knowing that she had at least gained some favour with the hungry woman. She grew serious again as Kara still stood there, not moving.

“I hate it when we fight.” Alex said softly, genuinely sorry and hoping Kara was ready to forgive.

“Me too.” Kara sighed, quickly moving to flop down onto the couch beside her. It was too hard to stay annoyed with Alex for any length of time. She laser zapped the pizza warming it up nicely again, before she pulled a slice out and began to eat.

“I was just trying to…” Alex squirmed, feeling the need to try to explain.

“Intimidate Mon-El to leave me alone, like you used to do with all the bullies in high school who tried to push me around?” Kara cocked her head, not cutting Alex any slack nor taking any bull in this situation.

“Maybe.” Alex cleared her throat self-consciously and offered a lopsided grin in response, before taking a big swallow of water from her bottle. “Maggie got called back into work, apparently they got a lead on the suspect?”

“Yeah, Mon-El was able to identify someone. As he was being dragged through the communication hub on his way to interrogation.” Kara looked pointedly at Alex.

“See! All’s well that ends well…” Alex tried to fluff it off. Kara just lifted an eyebrow. Alex bit the inside of her cheek, knowing she needed to switch tactics. “Another slice?”

“Redirecting my attention to food is not going to work.” Kara said, accepting the piece being offered. They lapsed back into silence for a bit. Kara knew she had to tell her about Friday night. She took another long swallow of water before saying anything. “He asked me out tonight, and I said yes.”

Alex frowned, her gut suddenly churning and not from hunger. She didn’t say anything though, it was her experience that karma was usually a bitch after all and maybe this was reward for today’s games with Mon-El.

Kara knew that her point had been made and decided to take pity on the brooding woman before it went too far. After all she was the one that had asked for Alex’s help.

“It was mostly to apologize for being detained,” Kara leaned over and bumped her shoulder with Alex’s before reaching for more food. “It was also partly so I can get some peace. He’s been texting me non-stop all day.”

“I could…” Alex stiffened, concerned that Mon-El was turning into a crazy alien stalker.

“NO! I think you’ve helped enough for today.” Kara grinned as Alex settled back down beside her on the couch. Kara turned as a thought hit her. “Oh, thank you for my present, by the way. I LOVE it!”

“I finished it up the week you were off world.” Alex immediately grinned, pleased that the gift at least had been discovered and was appreciated. “I had a lot to think about after everything with Maggie, and you know I think best when my hands are busy working on some project.”

“I could always tell when something was bugging you or Eliza.” Kara smiled and got up to take the empty pizza box into the kitchen and grab some ice cream from the freezer. “Hiding away in your labs for days on end until something amazing is made or a decision is made. Like mother, like daughter that way.”

“Anyway,” Alex grabbed some spoons from the drawer and bumped her hip against Kara at the comment, but didn’t disagree. “After you returned and mentioned you were looking for a little peace and quiet, I thought I should give it to you now.”

“Well, it’s fantastic.” Kara leaned close and carefully pulled Alex into a hug. “ And extremely thoughtful. Thank you.” She smiled as Alex slowly squeezed her back, feeling like things were almost back to normal between them again.

“I’m sorry I pissed you off,” Alex finally murmured into the warmth of Kara’s neck, relaxing into the closeness. She inhaled softly, enjoying the scent of strawberry shampoo and something all Kara.

“No, I’m the one who asked you for help with this. I should have realized what that would mean.” Kara closed her eyes and held on just a little longer before finally pulling away. Snagging a spoon from Alex’s fingers, she dashed back to the couch with the quart of ice cream and started to dig into its icy goodness.

“So, tell me more about what happened off world with you and Barry. His friends sound nice, even that cranky one you mentioned.” Alex followed, pulling a blanket from a nearby chair and sinking down beside Kara, tucking it around their legs before stealing the container of ice cream and digging into it.

Kara smiled and watched as Alex licked some melting ice cream from her spoon. For all her adventures lately it was moments like this that she truly treasured. When she could snuggle up and share them with someone who cared. Alex turned to look at her, hair still mussed from her nap, a bit of ice cream in the corner of mouth, genuinely wanting to hear what Kara had to say. A bloom of happiness spread in her chest, and Kara tugged the blanket a bit higher.

It really was good to be home.



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