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Title: Even Heroes Have the Right to Bleed
Author: Geekgrrllurking
Disclaimer: Supergirl is an American superhero fiction action-adventure drama television series developed by Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, that aired on CBS and going forward will air on The CW. It is based on the DC Comics character
Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino. No profit or infringement is intended with this fanfiction.
Fandom: Supergirl (2015)
Pairing: Kara Danvers/Alex Danvers, Kalex
Rating: Mature
Previous Chapters: 1 / 2
Chapter 3

What a day.

Kara Danvers flopped down onto her couch with an exhausted sigh and stared up at her apartment ceiling. She was beginning to wonder if her promotion had been worth it. She missed her old job, her neatly organized desk, hell, she even missed Ms. Grant’s sniping tirades. Change can be good, but not everything all at once. Nothing was the same anymore, and it was leaving her very disheartened. She just needed a little peace and quiet.

Kara’s cell phone vibrated on the coffee table. She sighed, making no move to see who it was. There was no need, she knew exactly who it was. It was the same person that had been ringing her all day. It was the same person that she had been ignoring, all day.

Mon-El was nothing if not persistent.

Kara briefly considered using her laser vision to fry the offending device but she didn’t even want to think about the paperwork the DEO would make her fill out. Or the face that Winn would make when she asked him to reload all her stuff back onto it. The phone finally stopped and she closed her eyes trying to shut down her racing thoughts.

To be honest, Mon-El’s interest in her was flattering. He did know things about her home world, reminding her of the old days and she liked mentoring him, but the kiss in the infirmary had been surprising. Pleasant enough, but surprising. And then when he didn’t remember doing anything, well, it had been a relief. Kind of like how breaking up with James had been.

Kara pulled her glasses off and pinched the bridge of her nose. She didn’t want to think about it any more. How no one seemed to fit in her life the same way that…

Kara tossed her glasses onto the coffee table beside her silent phone. Nope she was not going to go down that road right now. Not when there was a quart of mint chocolate chip ice cream with her name on it in the freezer. She would just take a moment to soak up the silence. No ringing phones. No sirens or honking horns. No loud voices, crying or cursing into the early evening air, just blessed peace and quiet.

Wait a minute…it was too quiet.

Kara’s eyes snapped open and she sat up with a start. She tried to pick up Mrs. Wilkie’s heartbeat in the apartment upstairs. No luck.

“What the hell?” She glanced around trying to discover what was going on, when she noticed a small package on her table. She briefly wished for telekinesis as one of her super powers, so she wouldn’t have to get up, but she her curiosity was too strong. She made her way over to the table and picked up what appeared to be a small gift, if the bow was any indication.

“Alex!” A wide smile broke out as she recognized a familiar scent on the paper. It was confirmed by the attached card, which was written in her familiar confident scrawl, Kara would recognize it anywhere.

‘I know things are crazy for you right now. I’ve been tinkering in my lab again, and I was going to give this to you for Christmas, but thought you might appreciate some quiet time to just relax now. The silver button on the side turns it off and on. I can explain the details tonight. Love you, Alex’

Kara smiled sadly. She could always count on Alex. She hadn’t even hesitated about defending their betrothal, just jumped right in. Kara wished not for the first time that she had taken care of this years ago, but she had thought that there would be plenty of time. Besides, Alex wasn’t into girls, or so she had always thought, but now…

Kara didn’t want to dwell on those possibilities much either.


Kara paced in the living room, glancing out the window as Alex hopped into her friend Vicki’s car. They were off to go surfing, which was almost as much fun as flying, probably as close as Alex would ever get on her own anyway. Kara didn’t really want to tag along anyway.

She sank down onto the couch and tried to focus on the list of kids Eliza wanted her to invite to her birthday party. She was going to be eighteen years old next week, give or take, and not counting her years in the Phantom Zone. The Krypton Age of Ascension. Kara was dreading it, when she normally should be on top of the world. If they were on Krypton...

Well there was the rub. She wasn’t on Krypton anymore. She was very much on Earth, with Alex about to head off to university. Kara knew that the Danvers didn’t really understand the joining of the Houses. The political and emotional significance of it. To be honest, Kara wasn’t even sure if she wanted to follow the old Krypton ways anymore. She might be the last daughter of Krypton but that didn’t mean that she had to be a slave to a dead world’s customs.

“What’s going on behind those big sad eyes, Kara Danvers?” Eliza asked softly, sinking down onto the couch beside her, stroking her fingers through the fine blonde hair.

“I’m kinda torn between the old world and my new world I guess.” Kara sighed, enjoying the rhythmic motion. Eliza just quietly waited for her to continue. “On Krypton, Alex and I would be entering the Age of Ascension.” Kara hesitated on how to continue.

“What does that mean? You would both be considered adults and there is a ritual of some sort?” Eliza frowned, wondering if this was like a Krypton quinceaneras or bat mitzvah of some sort.

“Well, kind of,” Kara squirmed, not quite sure how to put it. “More like consummate our marriage.”

To give Eliza credit, she never stopped her gentle stroking of Kara’s hair, or sharply inhaled in surprise. However there was no controlling the sudden shocked thumping of her heart. Kara swallowed hard and waited for the fall out.

“Marriage, sweetie?” Eliza leaned back on the couch and waited for more information.

“Do you remember the joining of our Houses ceremony? Not long after I landed here?” Kara pulled at the fringe of the pillow she was hugging, avoiding eye contact with her foster mom.

“That Kal-El came over for, if I recall,” Eliza licked her lips. Fuck, what had they screwed up in ignorance this time?

“The joining of the Houses was the first step, like a betrothal. At the Age of Ascension the betrothed officially consummate their joining, and become full bond mates.”

Kara didn’t think she could blush any harder. Too bad Kryptonians weren’t impervious to embarrassment. The good news was Eliza’s heartbeat had calmed back down and there was a soft smile still on her face.

“I see. So what do you think you should do next?” Eliza asked gently.

Kara pulled the pillow to her chest and pressed her chin into the soft warmth. There was so much she still wanted to do. Alex was already accepted to college and she would miss her like crazy, but she was just about ready to head off to college herself.

“I want to go to school and…” Kara hesitated, feeling awful.


“And maybe meet new people? Date people?” Kara snuggled closer to Eliza. “What if Alex isn’t my bond mate? What if she is but she doesn’t want to be with me? She likes boys and I’m definitely not a boy. On Krypton it wouldn’t matter, but here…” Kara’s voice faded off. “Well, it’s different. Besides, I don’t want to screw up our family.”

Eliza hugged her closer, it was all she could really think to do at this point.

“You know what, Kara, there is no right or wrong way. You have honoured your Krypton elders and joined our houses. Now you need to figure out what you truly want, who you truly want to be with. And if that is someone you haven’t even met yet, that’s fine. And if it is meant to be with Alex, then it will be. Nothing needs to be decided today.”

“Thanks, Eliza.” Kara murmured into the older woman’s shoulder.

“So do we need to do a ceremony or anything for the Age of Ascension?” Eliza made a mental note to call Clark and give him an earful. A little heads up on this whole bonding and ascension stuff would have been helpful.

Kara leaned back and shook her head, feeling a lot better about everything. There was a lot of time to sort things out, no need to take care of it all now.

“Just a chocolate birthday cake would be nice.” Kara grinned up at Eliza, who ran a hand through her long blonde hair. “With ice cream?”

“Of course, sweetie.” Eliza kissed the top of Kara’s head. They would figure something out, there was plenty of time.


Kara smiled at the memory. What would Eliza think of this whole mess, she wondered? She looked down at the gift in her hands, curiosity getting the better of her. She slid off the lid to discover what looked like a black Beats portable speaker that seemed to be emanating something that dampened external sound waves.

“Cool!” Kara grinned and hit the on/off button, immediately noticing the ambient noise coming back from outside. She hit the on button and it once again stopped. A big smile crossed her face. This was so awesome!

Her cell phone rang yet again. Hoping it was Alex, Kara quickly picked it up, but she noticed it wasn’t a number she recognised.

“Hello?” Kara asked, wondering just who had her private cell phone number.

“Hey, it’s Detective Sawyer. I have a dead alien and my crime scene is crawling with feds. Alex is here, as is a certain Daxamite who may, or may not, have something to do with my db. Their conversation is pretty intense at the moment.” Behind the amusement in Maggie’s voice, Kara could make out very familiar voices yelling at each other.

“Fuck.” Kara swore.

“Right, I thought you'd like to know," Maggie laughed outright at her reaction. “See you super soon, Baby Danvers.”

Kara just looked at her phone as Maggie hung up. This day just got even worse.



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