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So I'm back with some background on what the heck happened on the job front with me. Last year at around this time, the club I worked for had yet another new General Manager come in, the 4th in like four years! And while she had club experience, she didn't have general manager experience. Still I liked her and she seemed to settle in okay. Eventually an Executive Assistant position was posted, taking some responsibilities from my position and adding others. Feeling like a natural fit for the job, I applied. Brand spanking new GM and veteran Club membership assistant who knew all the players in the game, made perfect sense to me and my co-workers. And then I waited. And waited. And WAITED. Eventually year end came and went and October rolled around and a series of events began to unfold. My collegue (and mentor if you will), the membership manager (but not my direct supervisor) was suddenly let go. The minute that happened I knew that I did not get the EA job, I was too valuable in my current position. They hired a replacement for the membership manager who started the next week, and asked me to help her (read train her, because no one else knew the job). The week after that the new EA started, and asked me to help her (read train her as well).
So there sat an unappreciated and stressed out Geek, sad at losing the guy she could go to to bounce stuff off of and stuck training 2 people. And more and more work piled up on my desk, as I was increasing given things to help fill in the cracks. I was pretty miserable.

The EA position took some of my extra work that I had been doing around the Club, taking minutes for other committees outside of my own department, that I had been doing as a part time job to make ends meet. With that gone as well I had no other options but to start to look for a second job.

And then it dawned on me. I could work my butt off at 2 jobs or I could try to find 1 job that paid more. So that's what I did.
Within a week of not getting the EA job a friend emailed me a job posting, saying that she thought I'd be perfect for this new job. So I applied, and my new employers thought I was perfect for the job too. I now work for a faith based organization, I started in January. There was plenty of drama with the new EA before I left as well, which I will share on another day. Needless to say they eventually let her go and hired a second EA, who just quit last week my friends informed me. I feel bad for my friends but inside it makes me smile. And if they offered me the job today, I'd be tempted but I know I would say no thanks. The stress that lifted from me was incredible, and I didn't even realize how much it was bothering me until it was gone.

The transition to the new position went pretty smoothly. The girl I replaced sits across from me in the main room where you come into the office. The work is actually fairly similar, I work with committees, I give great customer service, I answer questions by email and phone as quickly as I can and I file stuff. In fact I have less filing now than I used to. The hard part now is learning the lingo, kind of like being a medical assistant or a legal assistant, there are terms and ways of doing things that are specific to the job. They also warned me when I was hired that there could be a shake up in organization over the next few years, but honestly, there is no such thing as job security these days, so hell yes I took the job. My probation period ended in June and I had a nice salary bump up. I work 10 minute drive from my home. And I was sitting at my desk the other day and realized that I kind of like meetings where people start by singing a song together.

Change is difficult and sucks but in this case it really was for the best.



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Jul. 3rd, 2015 06:27 am (UTC)
*hugz da twin!* I'm so glad the new job has been such a good change for you!
Jul. 3rd, 2015 10:26 am (UTC)
That new job sounds like it given you a happier outlook.
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